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Christmas @ F1 Hoverpod Ltd

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Sun, December 25, 2011 21:51:38
The Christmas party is now behind us at F1 Hoverpod Ltd and for now the dust has settled, allbeit not for long. The whole Team at the F1 Hoverpod Ltd group of companies are on a well earned break and I would like to be the first to congratulate them on a successfull year and just to say how proud I am of the who team for the effort they have all made.
The build up for this years Christmas party was at best situation of who will survive the night the longest and for others a case of "not again". smiley

There was a great feel about the last two weeks before Christmas when the team took to dressing up in costumes relating the a Christmas theme and Colin (in a world of his own) for whatever reason decided that a 6' tall bright pink fairy was his theme, although the hairy chest told it's own story. smiley

There will be some exciting news announcements in the early part of the year and I will post these as soon as I have the approvement to do so from the press office and the enquiries regarding the potential new office in a far away place is something I will update you all about in the new year but for the time being all I can say is that I cannot confirm or deny it at this stage, stay tuned and all will become clear in good time.

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Happy Christmas

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Sun, December 11, 2011 17:52:53
We are just two weeks from the big day when all the kids around the world become excited at the prospect of the Man in the Big Red Coat delivering presents and gifts from his seceret grotto where all the toys and gifts are made and packed ready for Rudholf to carry on his sledge.The Team at F1 Hoverpod Racing have embraced the season with fancy dress and trimmings to decorate the place and it's slightly daunting meeting 2 Elf's in a morning driving Toyota's but hey ho, it's Christmas.The Whole crew at F1 Hoverpod and it's group members have all asked that I send out their best wishes for Christmas and we all wish our supporters and fans a "Very Merry Christmas" and look forward to hearing from you all in tne New Year.All the Very BestTeam Manager
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Latest News

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Mon, April 18, 2011 17:50:45

Developments with Hull technology

The technology team that is made up of technicians and scientists from the highly technical world of polymers, monomers and fibres has been working hard for some time now in seeking out a breakthrough for hull technology has finally arrived. Sometimes the breakthroughs are coming in many different guises and some are from the most unexpected and unpredicted ways, some were even right out of the blue.

The basic and honest truth about hull technology is not really surrounded in secrecy and in many ways is not really a myth, as the reality is that designers have in general two major obstacles to overcome. They vary in many ways quite dramatically and range from strength of structure through to shape and overall efficiency. The strength of the hull is in many ways the simple one to explain as it really is quite simply what it says on the tin. It's focussed directly about rigidity and the suitability to perform to the very maximum potential to provide the consumer with a product of quality and with a long lasting vehicle but as I have reported previously, there are still many so called "professional built craft" to which have declared their admission of a weakness in the structure by re-enforcing the failure areas or weak spots with stick on re-enforcement patches similar to a Band Aid. This cheap method of masking over the product not only spoil the whole aesthetic look of the product but also have very little if any overall beneficial effect on the ability to provide strength, as the real issue and problem is that the whole shape provides for a too far obtrusive collision point that is simply masking over the failure area in order to provide a stronger impact resistance which is not true. The only real problem solver is a total re-shape of the structure in order to eradicate and remove the problem at manufacture process. "After all", a larger crash bar on the front of a vehicle does not prevent a crash, it simply provides a bigger target area in which to make contact with.

There are lots of things to consider before designing any hull and this includes Hoverpod and once again those questions posed are quite varied and wide but in almost all general terms one should always consider what the exact application and purpose of the craft is going to be designed to achieve. Is the purpose or use a for a "Grand Touring Vehicle" or for a multipurpose use and will the product require some more specialist modification treatment for the specialist applications such as racing. Whilst most hovercraft are able to travel at rapid speeds when required to do so, the shape of the hull can create issues for racing where they are of benefit for long distance travel such as a GT model.

The focus and extreme emphasis in which the F1 Hoverpod Manufacture team has placed as a priority has seen a combination of both strength and shape as the requirement for the "Manx GT" and without trade off. This is to provide for a super fast racing model that provides all the excitiment and a degree of comfort with the rigidity and durability to overcome every situation and for that reason we chose our working partner carefully for this task. The team at Formula Hoverpod based our decision to work with the world leader in materials technique and research. The facilities to which are without comparison in normal working environment conditions and provided F1 Hoverpod Manufacture with a class breaking result. The emphasis was upon breakthroughs in material wear and polymer resins and the result has provided the Hoverpod with a material which places it in a league of its own when it comes to longevity and durability and will provide the user with the comfort of knowing they have invested in a true quality product that will last and keep on lasting. The structure of the material used has proven to be able to outlast any similar and often cheaper products by up to 4 times whilst still providing a super light structure with an ultra streamline and very efficient air flow system. This allows for super quick acceleration and friction reduction from the hull structure when in contact with any surface.

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Technology Genius at F1 Hoverpod Racing

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Fri, March 25, 2011 15:04:26

Spring 2011

Summer has finally arrived in the UK and for all those in Europe and in part most of the world "The Clocks Go Forward One Hour This Weekend". There is always the few exceptions to whom follow the rest of us in a couple of days. All that this means is a symbol to the Northern Hemisphere that at long last summer is on its way after the long hard winter and this always provides for a good feeling inside. The opposite to this is that its tough luck you for you guys in the Southern Hemisphere where the winter days will soon be upon you and the nights draw in and the days simply become shorter. For those on the border between North and South or in the middle somewhere, I suppose it's quite a bit more boring but with the knowing that its business as usual. Anyway, What this means for the team at F1 Hoverpod Racing, all it means is that the long sunny days are here and the main reason to find excuses for progress has just diminished. smiley

The comments posted on the blogs in the "Leave a comment" section and often found in the inbox on our e-mail keeps reminding us that we really do have so many interested parties and supporters out there that clearly have an keen interest in the technology and sometimes the questions are far more in-depth and complex than the answer and it's not always that easy to admit it, sometimes the questions are so complicated that we have to refer them to our technical department (Brains) for the full and very often complicated answer. "Is this an admission that I'm not that smart, I hope not".

The problems and questions that are normally offered are usually based around the 21st century topic of reduction in Emissions and how it can be achieved ?. The often simple truth is that we have managed to adapt what is in reality a quite old and often overlooked technology but put through a very rigorous modification process in order that the combustion of fuel is at a greater temperature and the result is that 80% of the pollutants are simple burned away in the process. There are many benefits of doing this under controlled conditions and one of these is that the engine carbon deposits and often harmful pollutants deposits are drastically reduced which provides a more fuel efficient power plant with fewer service intervals and requirements due to the reduction and build up of soot. smiley

The area of attention to which F1 Hoverpod Manufacture will be researching and focussing its efforts toward developing in the near future will be the silencer and emission extractor system where all the emphasis will be upon the reduction in sound and the recycling of waste gasses. There is a real potential to increase the power even further with the use of re-cycling excess gasses. smiley

I hope this now provides a satisfactory answer to the questions posed and to which the petrol heads have sent over in such numbers. It must be appreciated that the full and exact process is something to which is Top Secret and I am not permitted to discuss as this is a confidential piece of technology but the result is what you required clarification upon and to that end the result is as always a "Win Win" for the public who purchase or have access to a Hoverpod.

Team Manager smiley

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March 2011

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Mon, March 21, 2011 09:49:54

Today I am permitted to share some announcements regarding engine technology and the partners involved in the systems used. Let's start this blog with the exciting news that I have been officially approved to share with you all. Toxic emissions are down and useable power up. The extensive testing and in-depth research to which has been conducted and demanded over a 12 month period within Europe has used some brand new technology that has been specifically designed to improve and increase the power output on the "Manx GT" which will be provided with a 85bhp twin cylinder engine that is very efficient and capable of reducing emissions by up to 80% over conventional four stroke engines. This has a major feature of reduced service intervals due to lack of carbon build up and more efficient fuel chamber and combustion burning process . This is a world first and for Hovercraft is a 100% unique feature that is exclusive to the Hoverpod and as we have been saying for a while, "Rome was not built in a day" and patience and persistence will always provide a positive result in the end. In F1 Hoverpod Racing's case, it's provided a World Beating Result to which when launched will take the Hoverpod into a different league.

At this point, I need to share with you a few words about our technology partners. The first of these is a world beating engine manufacturer and power plant technology centre that provided a platform of testing and "Grade A" research teams that is in a class of its own. The fuel system has undergone extensive development and testing, once again this was within Europe and the UK in order to develop an engine management software system that provides the maximum benefits in order to create the perfect solution for balance and power. The fuel efficiency combined with the power provided by the engine technology brings together a perfect harmony of instant response and super efficient emission reduction. "Once again, this is a world first for F1 Hoverpod".

The fuel storage tank and refuelling system has been developed by a co-operating between a the World's Number One within this key area who specialise in this light weight materials design who's development team is based in Norway. This Partnership and collaboration had a working budget of over $5m in order to produce this unique system and F1 Hoverpod Ltd will be the very first vehicle in the world to use this system on a production vehicle. The result of this combination in which the customer is the beneficiary is a super light and very versatile craft that has class beating power ratios and a world beating emission reduction. "Wow".

It only leaves the team at F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd with one a single thing left to do and for us to do and is the most important one of all. It is a humble message to all the development centres involved for all of their hard work and commitment to the project and a Huge Thank You to you all from all the whole team at F1 Hoverpod Racing.

Team Manager

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F1 Hoverpod Racing

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Fri, February 25, 2011 15:44:19

February 2011

The world has become a very strange place to be in over the last few months with many natural disasters ranging from Major Snow Storms in the East of the USA through to Life Changing Floods in Australia, followed by major political upheaval in several countries within the Middle East. Gosh, how so many things have changed within such a short period of 2011 which brings me nicely to the developments at F1 Hoverpod Ltd who have increased and strengthened its Management Team and developed some new systems such as logistics and manufacture partner relationships. I'm not permitted to say too much on this subject just now but be prepared for some major announcements over the coming months.

Over the Winter Months with the group of companies there has been lots of movement in relation to technical advancement and testing with the F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Team and the advantage of the adverse weather gave the team a good reason to test indoors despite the ability to take snow, ice or most weather conditions in its stride.

The Eagle Eyed Blog Readers will have noted that we have teamed up with several editorial and publishing companies as well as some interesting video footage showing how helpful a Hovercraft can be when permitted to demonstrate it's ability.

Our Corporate Wordpress Blog appears to be the place where most readers leave their comments and supporting words but I can confirm we have many others and they are all full of interesting items for you to read.

We do have some major news just around the corner and I hope to be able to share this with you very soon and you can still follow us on Facebook and Twitter as many of you already have done and the corporate My Space is there for those who enjoy sharing information In the meantime, thank you all for your support and keep the views and comments coming through.

Team Manager smiley

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Last day in January 2011 @ F1 Hoverpod Racing.

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Mon, January 31, 2011 12:08:20

How did January go so Quickly. Did I miss it ?

How did so much appear to happen in the world in such a short space of time. Sometimes I feel the pace of life is gaining momentum and the time left is diminishing a little too quickly, I think they call it old age.

Anyway, now for some updated news from the World of Motor Sport. To our loyal and devoted readers of the blogs, you will recall that last week I reminded you all that it was 100 years of celebrating and enjoying the Monte Carlo Rally. I’m sure that many petrol heads were well aware of this well known fact anyway.

These heroic and brave racers were the true pioneers and developers of what was eventually to become a huge and global event. The Birth of F1 Hoverpod® Racing was just one of many motor sports to embrace the developments in technology and re-discover that most people have developed a competitive spirit, quite often that is just sat behind the steering wheel of the family car. In so many ways this was what inspired and encouraged the birth of Hoverpod® from just a mad idea to which has gaining so much attention from all walks of life from around the world.

Many Motor Sport’s are so similar and rarely differ. They are based upon and engine and a driver but have been slightly taken over by technology and how computer programmers that have become all too intrusive to the point where the driver now simply directs and steers the product but has little in the way of controlling the way the vehicle performs or reacts to situations in advance. The outcome is that the fun has long since been removed and the judgement of the driver has become non extracted from the equation. This has been replaced by something to which has no soul or personality and goes by the name of “software programs”. EEeek.

It all makes sense when the dreaded "Health & Safety" comes into play. It always makes the correct decisions in a zillionth of a second and always gets it 100% right at every time but so does all the other vehicle in the same race, so where is the excitement and where did the unpredictability go if all the racers are doing the same thing at the same time ?. The exact same place that the fun and drama went also, Downhill and into the drain and misery hole.

F1 Hoverpod® Racing is a 100% totally new idea from the UK which has in many ways gone back in time to research what is lacking and missing in Motor Sport that could be put back and create an exciting and dramatic event by utilising cutting edge technology to create a world beating product but with the clear and critical decision that the driver (known as a pilot) is in control and making all the key decisions and not some piece silicone or soulless computer program, it is 100% the pilots decision what the vehicle and race demands to win the race or what the conditions require in order to take advantage of the situation at the time.

If you are one of those very pitiful souls who call themselves a loyal supporter of Motor Sport, I would go check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing where you will find the experience and unpredictability of a lifetime is just waiting for people like you and of all ages and all walks of life to test their reactions and skills with a 100% unrestricted vehicle capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck go grey and stand tall within the first 30 seconds. All this whilst you accelerate across and stretch of open land heading at high speed for the water’s edge and just when you thought you would stop, you will continue at full speed across open water and back to land.“Wow”, I hear you say, this dream has a happy ending with F1 Hoverpod Racing ?

Check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing at www.f1Hoverpodracing.com

Team Manager.

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2011 is here @ last

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Tue, January 11, 2011 15:19:14

January 2011

Lets deal firstly with the positive things today. “Happy New Year to All of Our Fans and Supporters” for 2011.

Looking back over 2010 to which was a very eventful year for all the team at F1 Hoverpod® Racing and filled with some very positive progress in so many areas. Top of the list for all the team was the result with the Search Engines and the removal of the abusive comments to which an ongoing investigation into the source of the comments is under way, suffice to say that there is always a footprint and fingerprint with a digital DNA to which we expect a very distinct Reaction at some point.

I note that as we lobbied you all to take a long look at a certain product on the market to which we correctly informed you all had a major fault in the construction and design areas, the effect of these faults was to cause the whole structure to fail at crucial points. Whilst the manufacturer to whom has been distributing this inferior product knows who they are, the problem is that the customer is unaware. However, there has been a Reaction to the comments !!!!!. Yip, as always there is no admission to the problem but as I stipulated in my comments sticking bits of Kevlar over the weak spot will not cure the problem, it will only mask the fault. The problem with this companies Reaction is that the fault was created at the start in the mould. The hull designer to whom makes many claims in order to demonstrate credibility, when asked to substantiate their credentials manages not to produce anything except the story of “I designed the Hovercraft for the James Bond film/movie”. When you ask the film company to substantiate this, they have no recollection of Mr Kip McCullan, although the British Companies house do know of him as he has at least 2 Bankruptcies to his honour as well as a whole string of creditors.

I can now confirm that the Band Aid (sticky patches) saga has ceased. The problem is as this companies Reaction was to stop sticking patches on the weak spots, it has no development funds in which to utilise to produce a new hull and structure and as expected their answer as always is to bury their heads in the sand and hope no one notices. I would also say that the new idea of placing even more polymer resin into the corners only results in making the product stiffer and not stronger. We all remember the days when Volvo ruled the world with a product built like a tank but soon discovered the crumple zones had a far greater effect to which all car manufacturers soon followed. The Reaction to which you should have noted was to stop repeating the fault and re-design a new product with a professional team of specialists, not some fella who claims to know what he’s doing.

F1 Hoverpod® Racing places no restriction on the cost, the emphasis is on producing the very best product on the market from the outset. The design and manufacture team at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd have worked with 4 major research institutes over a period of 3 years to develop a new fibre weave and production methods to re-produce the product to a 100% consistency standard. The design team have worked tirelessly to design a structure to which address’s all the issues relating to wear and durability and the last thing on their minds was cost.

I look forward with optimism that a Reaction from the team whom we nicknamed “The Titanic” as I fear that 2011 may see the end to the poor effort and endless warranty claims to which I understand are rarely if ever settled.

The question to which should cause the best Reaction should be the obvious one. Why is it that F1 Hoverpod® Racing has won the prestigious Sir Christopher Cockerell award twice. Research is a very costly exercise to which F1 Hoverpod® Ltd places much of it’s emphasis upon, the result is that we don’t take anyone’s word for it, we check it for ourselves and make sure of it. The Reaction of old saying is “A fool rushes in where Angels fear to tread”.

A very Happy New Year from all the Team @ F1 Hoverpod® Ltd for 2011.

Team manager. smiley

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