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F1 Hoverpod Racing Club

Christmas 2010

Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Mon, December 27, 2010 14:15:43

It's December 2010 and the big news of the day is that the USA is suffering a major problem with Snow across most of the Eastern States and has caused many problems. "Pitty the Hoverpod was not their", it would travel with no problem across snow or water/ice with no real problem.

2011 is fast approaching and the start of an all new year is just arround the corner. For the Team at F1 Hoverpod Racing this brings some major news and exciting announcements of which I guarantee to share with you with approved to do so. Not long to wait so just keep watching the blogs.

We have now managed to gain over 10,000 followers on our "Twitter" accounts and if you wish to join in and keep up to date, just click the "Twitter Link" and follow one of the accounts to which suits you, or if you wish follow all 4 accounts. For those who are excited at the internet reveloution and are always seeking bargains and offers, can I suggest you join our Sokule group at www.sokule.com/f1hoverpod where you will be kept up to date with all the worlds exciting offers and products.

For now, I hope you have all had a very good Christmas and from all the Team at F1 Hoverpod, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New YEar for 2011.

Team Manager smiley

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