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Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Fri, March 25, 2011 15:04:26

Spring 2011

Summer has finally arrived in the UK and for all those in Europe and in part most of the world "The Clocks Go Forward One Hour This Weekend". There is always the few exceptions to whom follow the rest of us in a couple of days. All that this means is a symbol to the Northern Hemisphere that at long last summer is on its way after the long hard winter and this always provides for a good feeling inside. The opposite to this is that its tough luck you for you guys in the Southern Hemisphere where the winter days will soon be upon you and the nights draw in and the days simply become shorter. For those on the border between North and South or in the middle somewhere, I suppose it's quite a bit more boring but with the knowing that its business as usual. Anyway, What this means for the team at F1 Hoverpod Racing, all it means is that the long sunny days are here and the main reason to find excuses for progress has just diminished. smiley

The comments posted on the blogs in the "Leave a comment" section and often found in the inbox on our e-mail keeps reminding us that we really do have so many interested parties and supporters out there that clearly have an keen interest in the technology and sometimes the questions are far more in-depth and complex than the answer and it's not always that easy to admit it, sometimes the questions are so complicated that we have to refer them to our technical department (Brains) for the full and very often complicated answer. "Is this an admission that I'm not that smart, I hope not".

The problems and questions that are normally offered are usually based around the 21st century topic of reduction in Emissions and how it can be achieved ?. The often simple truth is that we have managed to adapt what is in reality a quite old and often overlooked technology but put through a very rigorous modification process in order that the combustion of fuel is at a greater temperature and the result is that 80% of the pollutants are simple burned away in the process. There are many benefits of doing this under controlled conditions and one of these is that the engine carbon deposits and often harmful pollutants deposits are drastically reduced which provides a more fuel efficient power plant with fewer service intervals and requirements due to the reduction and build up of soot. smiley

The area of attention to which F1 Hoverpod Manufacture will be researching and focussing its efforts toward developing in the near future will be the silencer and emission extractor system where all the emphasis will be upon the reduction in sound and the recycling of waste gasses. There is a real potential to increase the power even further with the use of re-cycling excess gasses. smiley

I hope this now provides a satisfactory answer to the questions posed and to which the petrol heads have sent over in such numbers. It must be appreciated that the full and exact process is something to which is Top Secret and I am not permitted to discuss as this is a confidential piece of technology but the result is what you required clarification upon and to that end the result is as always a "Win Win" for the public who purchase or have access to a Hoverpod.

Team Manager smiley

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