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Breaking NewsPosted by Team Manager Tue, March 20, 2012 10:28:23

F1 Hoverpod® Ltd

It’s been rather a wonderful year so far, it all started with the good news of the victory over the alleged comments now proven to be unfounded and unsupported allegations (lies) posted by a vicious and malicious person to which the authorities are now pursuing and I assume at the end an compensation claim may be in the offering. The very best thing that came out of the whole five (5) year exercise was the good working relationship to which was formed by F1 Hoverpod Ltd and the big three search engines and at this point I wish to extend our very best wishes to them all and a huge thank you for the kind and sensitive way in which the whole matter was handled.

February brought out yet more support from some huge names from the world of Motor Sport and from the Institutions to which we have worked with in the past, it’s a nice feeling to rise up and stand back on the success stand where our pride and respect has been fully restored. The success has gone as far as to an invite to speak at a very well respected audience in regards to the progress of F1 Hoverpod and the highs and lows along the way.

The reinstating of good standing and trust shown by many of our partners has not gone unnoticed and I along with the whole team are eternally grateful for the support shown.

March has brought many business meetings and interested parties to the table from the close nit community within the Investment Banking world who only ever look at the business and the figures and never ever to gossip and from potential working partners from a whole variety of locations throughout the world. I often think that the measure of success can only ever be judged by the strength of character of the key people involved and to that end the whole team deserves a huge pat on the back. If you are keen to follow the progress, I recommend you check out the Facebook site and join in with the action. For all the interested parties who are supporting the F1 Hoverpod Racing business and wish to join the action as it happens, please feel free to join the F1 Hoverpod Racing’s own Facebook site “HERE

Team Manager

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